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The Virginia Israel Advisory Board (VIAB) is a government agency that helps Israeli companies build and grow their U.S. operations in Virginia.

We Make Business Happen Between Israel and Virginia

There are strong synergies between Virginia and Israeli business particularly in manufacturing; maritime and military related industries.

In 20 years we brought 100 Israeli companies to Virginia and helped them grow

Strauss Group’s $100m Sabra Hummus Factory
Zim’s Israel Shipping Lines North America Headquarters
Teva Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Plant
25 Defense & Cyber Security Companies

When choosing a U.S. site for your Israeli company, partnerships and non-financial incentives often have a more significant impact on your bottom-line than outright financial grants and tax breaks.

Virginia Israel Advisory Board Executive Director Dov Hoch shared the stage with the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Chairman of the Association of American States in Israel at the U.S. Israel Business Summit on May 29th in Tel Aviv. Dov provided case studies of why leading Israeli companies choose to locate in Virginia -- each for the different reasons. "Strategic partnerships can radically reduce your time-to-money; and cut costs of setting up operations by 80%".

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Virginia Companies Seeking Israeli R&D and Manufacturing Partners

Find an Israeli innovation partner to gain competitive advantages and shorten R&D cycles through developing manufacturing; R&D and technology joint ventures. Also check out our: Virginia Israel Open Innovation program.

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Israeli Companies Looking to do Business in the United States

The Virginia Israel Advisory Board (VIAB) facilitates partnerships for Israeli companies to build and grow their operations in Virginia.

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The Virginia Israel Advisory Board is an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia (Office of the General Assembly) that facilitates Israeli companies to establish and grow their operations in Virginia and Virginia companies to source innovative Israeli technology. Our goals are to increase investment and develop lasting partnerships that expand and enhance the workforce in Virginia.

Meet the Team

The VIAB was created by the Virginia Governor in 1996 to advise the Governor on ways to improve economic and cultural links between the Commonwealth and the State of Israel with a focus on commerce and trade, art and education, and general government. Meet the team...

Southwest Region Coordinator & Board Member

Aviva Shapiro Frye is a caterer, licensed travel agent and community organizer of over 30 years.

She holds a BA in Political Science and International Relations from

Project Manager 

Andrea Eichelbaum was born and raised in the Tidewater area of Virginia. She is currently in pursuit of a B.A. in Political Science with a concentration in National Security and Foreign Policy with a heightened interest in International Relations.

Executive Director

For 20 years Dov has brought Israeli companies and products into the US market. He managed the US operations for leading Israeli companies including ECI Telecom and founded Clarity Advisors a cross-border business development practice.

Vice Chairman

Chuck Lessin is President and CEO of American Homecrafters Inc., based in Richmond, VA.  American Homecrafters has developed and built over 300 exclusive single-family homes in the Richmond metropolitan area.Chuck continues to develop new and innovative business opportunities,


Mel Chaskin is Chairman and CEO of Vanguard Research, a government contractor located in Springfield Virginia.  He also serves on the President of the United States’ Management Improvement Council as the Department of Defense representative, and is Chairman of the Board of the Center for Educational Excellence.