Virginia companies can access Israeli innovative technologies to gain competitive advantages, shorten R&D cycles and lower costs. 

The Virginia Israel Advisory Board’s Open Innovation program provides Virginia companies access to innovative Israeli technologies and R&D funding for Israel-Virginia JVs. 

Israel has the highest number of people (per capita) working in R&D in the world and the highest venture capital investment levels per capita in the world.  These factors created a pool of hundreds of early-stage, innovative Israeli companies seeking to enter the U.S. market, and they are ripe to partner with mature Virginia businesses. 

Israel has the highest R&D expenditures; the most startups and the highest VC funding rate (per capita) in the world.

Open (External) Innovation programs enhance internal R&D by acquiring I.P. technology and products outside of the company.  15 examples of Open Innovation between the largest U.S. companies and start-ups     

VIAB Open Innovation Program – Process

  • Large Virginia enterprises with structures open innovation programs provide their requirements
  • VIAB iidentifies and vets innovative Israeli technologies for Virginia companies per their criteria
  • Jointly develop product and partnerships between the Israeli and Virginia entities through a range of models including new company formation in Virginia and expanding the Virginia company’s operations.
  • Fund the joint Israeli-Virginia R&D and commercialization projects through Israeli funding sources.

Funding Programs for joint R&D and Commercialization projects between Israeli and Virginia companies.

The Virginia Israel Advisory Board helps Virginia companies access Israeli government funding for joint Virginia-Israel R&D and product development projects in order to commercialize Israeli innovation and enter the U.S. market with Virginia partners.

Non-Dilution Grants from Israeli Sources

Israel Innovation Authority

The Israel Innovation Authority funds joint Israel-Virginia R&D and Commercialization projects through the Virginia – State of Israel Agreement (executed by Tim Kaine).

Israeli Innovation Authority

Israel Innovation Authority R&D  funding  

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