The Virginia Israel Advisory Board (VIAB) is a government agency that helps Israeli companies build and grow their U.S. operations in Virginia.

VA Governor McAuliffe Touring OSG Plant
VA Governor McAuliffe Touring OSG plant

We drive the business process for building greenfield manufacturing operations; developing R&D and manufacturing partnerships between Virginia and Israeli concerns, as well as, federal contracting.

For Israeli Companies

For Israeli companies, we provide free consultations from 30 leading services providers who are expert in every aspect of operations and business development, in order to get your company up-and-running with a minimal cost and to continually grow in the U.S. market.

For Virginia Companies

For Virginia Companies we help source innovative Israeli technology that provide market leading competitive advantages and radically compressed R&D cycles.

Bringing Israeli Shipping, Port and Logistic related companies to the Hampton Roads Region.

Virginia is Washington D.C. – the Center for Federal contracting and procurement for all military branches.

Virginia companies can access Israeli innovative technologies to gain competitive advantages, shorten R&D cycles and lower costs. 

The BIRD Foundation provides up to a $1 million grant per project for joint R&D projects between an Israeli company and a Virginia based company. 

VIAB works with a range of University stake holders with aligned economic development missions and is enhancing ties between Israel and Virginia applied research.